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1st May 2009 Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectometry at IABR meeting in Dortmund

Exhaled breath analysis and breath odor analysis are emerging scientific fields with great potential for clinical diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring, but which, as yet, are not widely established in clinical practice. The confe­rence Breath 2009 in Dortmund that took place in April 26-30 has covered several aspects of exhaled breath analysis ranging from developments in sam­pling and analytical methodologies to basic scientific in­vestigations and pilot cases studies that have already been shown to be potentially valuable for clinical use. Of interest in breath odour research is the contribution that microbial VOCs (as opposed to mammalian-derived VOCs) can make to breath volatiles that are odiferous. Possible applications of exhaled breath analysis include lung and breast cancer screening, therapy monitoring for asthma and on the ICU, renal and liver failure, cardiovas­cular disease, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and on-line quantification of metabolic processes during ope­rations or during sleep. Analytical methods, potential cli­nical applications, metabolic profiling and biomarker identification are discussed.

Principles of SIFT-MS and PTR-MS, their application to breath analysis and some notable successes were discussed at a workshop on mas spetrometric methods for analysis of exhaled breath.

Abstracts of several contributions describing use of SIFT-MS are available at the conference web site

Turner C.

Monitoring breath acetone concentrations in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS)

Spanel P. Principles of SIFT-MS and PTR-MS, their application to breath analysis and some notable successes
Spanel P. Acetone, butanone, pentanone, hexanone and heptanone in the headspace of aqueous solution and urine studied by SIFT-MS

Smith D. Introduction; the objectives of mass spectrometry in breath research.
Smith D. The quantification of carbon dioxide in humid air and exhaled breath by selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry, SIFT-MS.

Pysanenko A.

A study of sulphur-containing compounds in mouth- and nose-exhaled breath and in the oral cavity using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry, SIFT-MS

1st January 2009  Profile 3 SIFT-MS instrument

Instrument Science Limited has released Profile 3. This represents the third generation of our SIFT-MS based tools for trace gas research. It's significantly smaller, lighter and more sensitive than previous gererations.

The Profile is ideally suited to hands-on research and can provide real-time quantitative information about the composition of gas samples containing components down to low parts per billion concentration.

Unlike other techniques, SIFT-MS tollerates high humidity, allowing the measurement of breath and the headspace over liquids.

SIFT-MS is an emerging technique. In competent hands it has led to a string of new discoveries. The Profile has been designed by scientists, for scientists and is founded on peer reviewed science.

If you find this prospect as exciting as we do, and don't want a closed box aimed at commercial applications, then please get in touch.


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